Mr. Hussein Dehghan

English Tour Guide

A qualified Cultural Tourist Guide keen on presenting Iranian customs, history and nature to everyone. A certified Culinary Tourist Guide who is personally a foodie and loves to unbox Iran’s gastronomy and culture. A person from Yazd raised in the outskirts of the desert and lives the Qanats (subterranean water canals) civilization. An English Instructor fond of speaking and attentive listening. A humorous guy looking for fun and nightlife. Well, yes, my name is Hussein Dehghan. I have been guiding tours since 2004. I was born and raised in Yazd, lived in the capital for a couple of years and love my country i.e. why I enjoy presenting her to others. Plus, I have traveled quite much and am keen on exploring other cultures and traditions. I am also a University Instructor, Tour and Travel Product Development, Marketing and Content Production, Qualified Tourist Guide in English, Certified Culinary Tourist Guide, World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations National Trainer.

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