Sassanid Archaeological Sites

The Sassanian Empire succeeded the Parthians and came to power in Fars province in Persia in the year 224 AD. Their period witnessed the most stellar achievements of Persian...more

Shahr-i Sokhta

Shahr-i Sokhta (Burnt City) was enlisted in WHC UNESCO Sites in the year 2014. Shahr-i Sokhta is an archaeological site and an urban settlement of the Bronze Age which...more

Sultaniyeh Dome, The biggest Brick Dome in The World!


The Dome of Sultaniyeh is located some 42 km from the city of Zanjan in the plains of Sultaniyeh and it is the biggest brick dome in the world. The Ilkhan...more

Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran

Christianity in Iran dates back to its early times. In the third century although the Persians had gained success in their constant struggles against the Romans, an internal rebellion...more

Gonbad-e Qabus

This tomb tower was built by Shams Ol Ma’ali Qabus Ibn- e Voshmgir of the Ziarid dynasty. Despite his obligation to implement violent measures for the protection of his...more

The Persian Qanat

The existence of the ancient and still functioning interconnected chains of aqueducts, called qanats, in the heart of Iran’s desert areas is a testament to the innovation and resourcefulness...more

The Complex of Sheikh Safi – Al- Din Ardebili

This spectacular complex, located in the city of Ardabil in Ardabil Province, houses the sanctuary of the prominent Iranian Sufi Master, Sheikh Safi al-din Ardabili. The 16th-century complex was...more

Bam and Its Cultural Landscape

Bam and its Cultural Landscape property is located in Kerman province on the southern edge of the Iranian high plateau at an altitude of 1100 meters. Arg-e Bam (Bam...more

Golestan Palace

The marvelous Golestan Palace is in the historic center of Tehran and includes one of the oldest groups of buildings in Tehran. This complex was originally built in 16th...more

Hyrcanian Forests

Hyrcanian forests form a distinct forested compact group of mountains that extend 850 km along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea, from south-eastern Azerbaijan eastwards to the Golestan...more

Lut Desert

The serene and enrapturing Lut Desert is a vast salt desert spread over 3 provinces of Kerman, South Khorasan, and Sistan and Baluchestan. Iran is located on plateau surrounded...more

Masjed-e Jame of Isfahan

The grandest mosques in Islamic cities were usually named Friday (congregational) mosques and they were under the aegis of the Moslem rulers. Located northeast of the historic Meidan-e Emam...more

Cultural Landscape of Maymand

Maymand village is situated 36 kilometers northeast of Shahr-e Babak in Kerman province. A valley located at an elevation of 2240 meters at the southern end of Iran’s central...more

Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex

In Islamic cities, the bazaar was more than just an economic place for purchase, sale, and exchange of goods; bazaars have always been a place for cultural and social...more

The Persian Garden

The Persian Garden comprises nine gardens selected from different locations, climates, and eras in Iran, the majority of which have been cultivated with all the creativity associated and required...more

Tchogha Zanbil

Chogha Zanbil is located 40 kilometers southwest of Susa in Khuzestan province on an expansive arid plateau. This fascinating complex which includes the remains of the sacred city the...more

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