Iran resumes granting visas to all foreign visitors

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the resumption of the granting of visas to all foreign visitors as of 23 November 2021, including all kinds of tourists. This...more

Iran-Russia trips made easy

Beginning on February 6, visa requirements between the two countries (Iran-Russia) made easy and the other people will receive visas with further ease for mutual trips, Moscow has announced...more

Isfahan cultural week in Milan

Milan mayor noted that the attractions and beauties of Isfahan have influenced the spirit of people. Reminding that the municipality of Milan was not waiting for the sanctions to...more

Nowruz Celebrated at UN

Monday, 22th March 2016, United Nations member states that celebrate the New Year have gathered at the UN headquarters in New York for the International Day of Nowruz., UN...more

Tallest Hotel in Iran

Iranian businessman Ebrahim Pourfaraj in front of 240-foot deep construction site for what he says will be Iran’s biggest hotel. Pourfaraj is betting big that the lifting of sanctions...more

Iran Vaccination Statistic

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